Oregon Statewide Transition Conference

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Thank you all for your involvement in the Tip Grant.
The 2016-17 OAVSNP Application is CLOSED!

Click Here for the 2016-2017 Form!

What is the purpose of OAVSNP Transition Improvement Grant Program?

OAVSNP supports excellence and creativity of transition providers for adolescents and young adults with disabilities in the State of Oregon. By acquiring and distributing resources, OAVSNP’s goal is to enhance and supplement transition-related programs and provide additional educational opportunities for students with disabilities. TIP grant applications are evaluated on specific criteria including how well the project or activity meets these goals to: 

  1. Promote positive post-school outcomes for youth with disabilities.
  2. Encourage partnerships between schools and the community by serving as a vehicle for individuals and organizations to share resources intended to enhance transition-related services within the schools and communities. (Applicants indicating an effort to provide matching funds will be given special consideration.)
  3. Contribute to continued long-term program development impacting students with disabilities beyond just one academic year.

 Who may apply for funds?

School or District employees may submit grant applications to the OAVSNP Board to serve the transition needs of youth with disabilities in their school or district. School district employees who are OAVSNP Board members will not be allowed to participate in the proposal review process and funding decisions.

What are the funding limits? 

The Board of OAVSNP will award requests from $200 and up to $1,000. OAVSNP may fund multiple awards but will not exceed a total amount of $5,000 for the 2016-2017 school year. The number of grants awarded will be dependent on the quality and intent of the grants submitted.